Energy and Utilities Engineering Support

The energy and utilities industry is experiencing a significant growth phase, incrGMKng the need for capable talent to support its expansion. Current economic and labor market conditions present significant challenges for companies to hire qualified engineers and designers or train new engineers and designers to support their increased workload.

GMK provides design and engineering support services through diversified solutions to help companies succeed in today’s environment. Our solutions are designed to provide the right resources at the right time through our highly mature program management framework and process improvement methodologies. Energy and utilities companies partnering with GMK have access to the most highly skilled talent in the industry that can deliver projects both on-site at your facility or off-site at GMK’s facilities. Our design and engineering support services include:

  • Substation Design and Engineering
  • Protection and Control Design and Engineering
  • Transmission Line Engineering
  • Planning Engineering
  • Project Management

Industrial Engineering

GMK is adept in industrial engineering to support the agriculture, construction, and industrial segments. GMK has been providing complete product development support to major OEMs in the farm and construction arena over the past several years.

We have been working extensively on farm equipments such as combines, balers, tractors, planters, sprayers and mowers & conditioners etc.

In the construction area, our involvement has been on excavators, skid steers, dozers, wheel loaders, backhoes and forklifts etc.

GMK has extensive expertise in chassis, interiors, powertrain, hydraulics, cabin, electronics and electrical areas to support industrial engineering. In addition to product design and support services, GMK has successfully executed various program management services to a variety of clients to help improving the quality of their products, reduce time to market, grow capacity and reduce the cost of product development.

Characteristically, high-tech engineering sectors employ the most advanced technology currently available. It has to be reliable, precise, robust and cost-effective.

GMK serves several customers in high-tech engineering.

The consumer electronics industry (such as portable MP3 players, digital still cameras, mobile phones, Bluetooth hands-free, VoIP and Video conferencing systems) is expanding at a rapid rate. The steep rise demands experts who can develop sophisticated systems with value propositions such as: short development and deployment time, faster time to market, cost effective solution and great go-to-market strategies.

GMK leverages its vast experience in developing and delivering complex and sophisticated systems to customers the world over, in the areas of automotive, consumer electronics and embedded systems to assist customers in conceptualizing an idea with required analysis and provide prototypes and demos to aide furthering the concept to a product or application.

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